SWOT Analysis for Waitrose

Waitrose-SWOT-AnalysisThe tagline for this supermarket is; “quality you would expect at prices you wouldn’t”. It serves the hospitality industry and households. It is one of Britain’s largest employee-owned retailers. Below is a SWOT Analysis for Waitrose.


  • Waitrose has a royal warrant to supply to the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.
  • It has a large market share with over 300 outlets in Britain.
  • It is portrayed as more ethical than competitors and it sponsors the English Cricket Team.


  • A recent article publication in the Waitrose Kitchen Magazine has caused the supermarket media backlash.
  • They experience intense price wars and therefore lesser profit margins.
  • They always present themselves as low priced and high quality and highly depend only on the label’s performance.


  • They can still expand the boundaries of their stores to cover other areas in Britain by building on its rich branding heritage.
  • Waitrose could also focus on their Community Matters Campaign in order to capture the positive word of mouth public marketing.


  • Waitrose faces competition from leading brands such as Tesco, J Sainsbury PLC, and Morrison’s.
  • The supermarket also lags behind global and local competition because of its target market.

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