SWOT Analysis for Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains SWOT AnalysisVirgin Trains was conceptualised on the 29th November 1996. Their trains are designed to provide customers with train services and operate in the United Kingdom. The company is owned by Virgin Management and Stagecoach Plc. Below is a SWOT Analysis for Virgin Trains.


  • Virgin Trains has a strong brand name as it is affiliated to Richard Branson and operates on the famous and valuable West coast line of the U.K.


  • The expansion of Virgin and its nature of mixing up business bring image problems to the company. It is also considered a brand for youngsters and has the image of rebellion and being customer-oriented.


  • Virgin Trains have opportunities in places like Australia should they want to venture into other potential market base.


  • Virgin Trains is still not a leading brand even though it is given international recognition. They are not known as trendsetters either; they just create products similar to already existing ones.

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