SWOT Analysis for Nursing

A SWOT analysis provides prompts to managers, clinical leads, nurse mentors and staff involved in the analysis of what is effective in clinical systems and procedures, in preparation for panning which may include an audit (CQC), assessments or quality checks.

SWOT analysis for nursing – below is an example of a nurse working within a primary care clinic who want to improve the relationship with their patients.


  • Highly-skilled clinical staff
  • A history of successful open day events
  • The clinic has a strong ethos of openness, sharing and commitment to expanding patient confidence
  • Local charities willing to participate
  • Patients wanting to get involved


  • Nurses not available to meet patients often enough
  • Current open days events not increasing voluntary activity
  • Not enough time or resource to plan additional events
  • Staff not clear of their role in the patient relationship
  • Narrow focus on open events not partnership activities
  • Services too stretched for additional activity


  • Active volunteer committee willing to plan and organise events
  • Patients active in the clinic’s Patient Participation Project can be asked for their opinions and suggestions.
  • The Head Nurse is willing flexible clinic times to free up clinical staff time
  • Using patients to contribute to practice delivery


  • Confidentiality is forever at risk
  • Patient coercion to do things they do not wish to do

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